What makes you different from the other invitation shops?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of invitation shops, both online and off, who claim they will give you a "custom" product. Usually their version of custom means that they'll print your name, date and location on a card that's already been designed and handed out to thousands of other guests. I do not consider that a custom design.My work is completely custom to my clients and their vision. The sketches, designs and samples are built from scratch based upon the details provided (colors, themes, favorites, locations, etc.) and our discussions. I work closely with each client to make sure that their vision is unmistakable in the end result. If a client doesn't have a vision and just knows that they want something unique... I do that, as well. When they hire Sarah Prye, they're hiring their own private designer devoted to delivering a breathtaking product.

What is your price range for custom work?

My prices vary dependent upon the needs of my clients and the amount of detail/customization in the product they are ordering. Prices per piece can range anywhere from $6 to $50 (and higher) and may fluctuate based upon the number of products ordered.

Do you price per card or by the project?

For orders of less than 25, cost is quoted by the project, not by individual cards or gifts. For orders of 25 or more, cost is quoted per individual product.

What is your payment process?

The first phase of my process is the design consultation, where the client and I discuss all of the fun details: colors, themes, embellishments, materials, and more. I then take those personal details and turn them into an actual sample piece of stationery, representative of the client and the event. This initial phase requires that the client pay a small consultation fee, which covers the materials and time put into the sample. Due to the nature of my creations and the amount of work I put into my samples, this fee is non-refundable, but it is applied to the total order upon placement. The client then places his or her order and pays 75% of the order's total. The remaining 25% is due upon completion of the assembly and before the mailing of the product (either to you or directly to your guests). If there is an additional shipping charge for mailing the products directly to the clients (menus, programs, party favors, etc.), that cost is added onto the remaining 25% and must be paid before the mailing.

What types of payment do you accept?

I accept credit cards, PayPal, personal/bank checks and money orders. For check payments, there is a 5-day clearance period before any work is begun.
Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
PayPal: payments@SarahRebecca.com
Checks/Money Orders: Make payable to "HandCrafted by Sarah Prye"and send to HandCrafted by Sarah Prye, P.O. Box 22131, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-2131

How do I send you the addresses?

Clients supply me with their invitation list, preferably via an Excel spreadsheet similar to my sample Guest Address Template, exactly as they would like it to show up on the front of the envelopes or boxes. Including:
 First & Last Name (Example: Miss Sarah Prye)
 Address 1 (Example: 321 East 56th Street)
 Address 2 (Example: Apartment 10)
 City, State
 Zip Code

Be sure to spell out all of the words within your addresses, such as streets, avenues, boulevards, and states. The only abbreviations considered acceptable are words such as Mr., Mrs., etc.

Should I order extra invitations when I place my order?

Most definitely. I recommend that clients order at least 10% additional invites/products than they originally intended. These take care of those forgotten or last minute guests, scrapbooks, B-list guests and keepsakes. Because pricing is based on the total size of the original order, any reorders that are less than 25% of the initial quantity ordered will be billed at 40% above the original cost and require a minimum quantity ordered. (For example, $15 invitations would be billed at $21 for reorders.)

How does the process work and how long does it usually take?

After the design consultation fee has been paid, I will contact the client via email so that we can set up the best time for a phone conversation. This consultation usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes, while we discuss all of your important and fun details pertaining to your event or stationery.

The next phase is the actual building of the design sample. This process generally takes about two to three weeks, as the idea is formulated, initial materials are hand-selected and, in some cases, unique elements are special ordered. When I have completed the sample, detailed photographs of it are then posted on the client's own personal passkey'd page, where full explanations, descriptions and pricing are provided. 

Once the sample has been posted online and any changes made, the client finalizes his or her quantity needed and places the order. After the order's first 75% is paid, we move to the next phase of finalizing and tweaking all of the text within the set. This time frame is dependent on whether the client sends all required wording, extra materials, etc. I will then post the virtual files for the client to look over, edit and approve. 

Once the files are approved, the assembly begins. For most projects, I prefer to have a solid 3-weeks for the assembly phase, to allow for each element's strict attention and no rushing. I am able to take rush projects on a case by case basis; please contact me with your details.

Do you accept rush orders?

Yes, if my current projects allow for it, I can definitely try to work with clients for rush orders. Additional charges may apply.

Will you hand-address and mail the envelopes for me?

Absolutely! Most clients find it is stress-free to have me hand-address and mail the invitations or announcements for them instead of dealing with it themselves. My handwriting is very unique and elegant. Once everything is assembled and I have the addresses, I take care of the postage, addressing and mailing of the products. Clients are notified of every step along the way. If a client prefers to mail the items from his/her hometown, their is an additional shipping cost that is due before the mailing.

Does the cost include postage?

Generally a quoted price includes all postage (RSVPs, main packaging, etc.) and addressing. I take care of the assembling and mailing out of everything, so there are no worries for the client. If preferred, upon completion, I will mail the products to the client so that he/she can mail them out from his/her hometown. There is an additional cost for that to cover the shipping and insurance. I know how stressful planning things can be, so I try to keep the stationery process as stress-free as possible for my clients.

Do you have a contract?

To date I have not used lengthy “contracts” with my clients. I require detailed approval processes requiring signatures from beginning to end and I deal with everything online and through email. I normally don't bother with contracts, but upon request, I can provide one. References are provided to potential clients also upon request.